Shreee Ram Hospital

Advanced Laboratory (Diagnostic Services)


Our advanced laboratory diagnostic services encompass a wide range of tests and procedures designed to evaluate and monitor various aspects of ocular health and function. These include:

✔ Fully Automated Laboratory

✔ Fast, Accurate & Affordable Tests

✔ Biochemistry: LFT, KFT, Lipid Profile & Other Biochemical Tests

✔ Hematology: Automated Hematology Analyzer, Coagulation Analyzer, HbA1c, Sickling, Reticulocyte

✔ Serology

✔ Clinical Pathology: Urine & Body Fluids R/M, Semen Analysis

✔ Hormone Analysis

✔ Electrolytes

✔ Cytology: FNA, PAP, Fluid Cytology

✔ Microbiology: Urine, Pus, Blood C/S, Grams Stain, KOH Mount, Sputum For AFB

✔ Health Packages

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