Shreee Ram Hospital

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Shree Ram Hospital and Eye Care Centre
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Shree Ram Hospital and Eye Care Centre
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Expert Doctor

At Shree Ram Hospital and Eye Care Centre, we are proud to offer expert doctors dedicated to your health and well-being, available to serve you.


Accredited by NABH and QCI, guarantees top-notch patient care and safety, showcasing its commitment to quality healthcare.



Shree Ram Hospital and Eye Care Centre

Welcome to Shree Ram Hospital and Eye Care Centre!

Established in 2014 by Dr. Anshul Singh, Shree Ram Hospital and Eye Care Centre has evolved into a leading healthcare institution. Our journey has been marked by significant milestones, including the prestigious National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) accreditation in 2022 and Quality Council of India (QCI) accreditation in 2024. These recognitions underscore our commitment to delivering exceptional patient care and safety standards.

Situated in Manendragarh, Chhattisgarh, we have garnered a reputation as a healthcare landmark, particularly in the field of eye care. 

Our Healthcare Treatments & Services


Evaluation: Thorough eye exams to diagnose cataracts accurately.
Surgery: Advanced techniques for cataract removal and lens implantation.
Post-op Care: Comprehensive follow-up care for optimal recovery and visual outcomes.


Glaucoma encompasses a range of eye conditions linked to optic nerve damage, typically stemming from heightened intraocular pressure (IOP). It stands as a primary cause of irreversible vision impairment and blindness globally. Yet, timely detection and suitable treatment can frequently avert or decelerate vision loss.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diagnostic Screening: Specialized tests to detect and monitor signs of diabetic retinopathy.
Treatment Modalities: Options including laser therapy, injections, and surgical interventions.
Long-term Management: Regular monitoring and lifestyle recommendations for optimal eye health.


Cataract :

✔ Bandage Free Topical Phaco Surgery
✔ Advance Premium Lenses Like Multifocal, Toric & Trifocal Lenses Available
✔ State Of Art Technology For IOL Power Calculation, Preoperative Evaluation & OT
✔ Most Advanced Phaco Surgery Without Admission (Day Care Surgery)

Glaucoma :

✔ Effective Diagnosis & Expert Care
✔ NCT (Noncontact Tonometer)
✔ Gonioscopy, OCT
✔ Fundus Photography
✔ ND Yag Laser
✔ Surgical Treatment

Orbit_and_oculoplasty :

✔ DCR Surgery
✔ Ptosis Repair
✔ Orbit Surgery

Cornea :

✔ Specific Diagnosis And Treatment Of Corneal & Scleral Infections

Pediatric_eye_care :

✔ Squint Correction
✔ Comprehensive Ophthalmic Evaluation Of Children
✔ Myopia Clinic (Low Vision Clinic)
✔ Amblyopia Clinic

Vitreo_retina :

✔ Fundus Photography
✔ Green Laser (Laser Photocoagulation)
✔ Intravitreal Injection

Refractive_services :

✔ Experienced Optometrist With Dedicated Refraction Room
✔ Advance Autorefractometer
✔ Contact Lens Services
✔ ICL Surgery

Optical_services :

✔ Wide Range Of Frames & Branded Lens
✔ Contact Lens

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✔ Fully Automated Laboratory

✔ Fast, Accurate & Affordable Tests

✔ Biochemistry: LFT, KFT, Lipid Profile & Other Biochemical Tests

✔ Hematology: Automated Hematology Analyzer, Coagulation Analyzer, HbA1c, Sickling, Reticulocyte

✔ Serology

✔ Clinical Pathology: Urine & Body Fluids R/M, Semen Analysis

✔ Hormone Analysis

✔ Electrolytes

✔ Cytology: FNA, PAP, Fluid Cytology

✔ Microbiology: Urine, Pus, Blood C/S, Grams Stain, KOH Mount, Sputum For AFB

✔ Health Packages


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✔ Consultation – By Expert
✔ Sugar Check – Blood Sugar Levels (F/R/PP)
✔ Cardiac Check – BP Screening, Lipid Profile
✔ Pathology – Hematology, Urine, Kidney Function, Special Diabetes Panel
✔ Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
✔ Diet Consultation


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✔ Child Dentistry
✔ General Dentistry
✔ Teeth Whitening & Cleaning
✔ Orthodontics (Braces)
✔ Cosmetic Dentistry
✔ Crown & Bridges
✔ Dental Implants
✔ Smile Designing
✔ Dental X-Ray & Full Mouth X-Ray (OPG)

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✔ CBC, TFT, Diabetes Screening

Urine R/M

36 Parameters (1099- 799)

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✔ CBC, TFT, Diabetese Screening, Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Lipid Profile, Urine R/M

5 Parameters (1200 - 1299)

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✔ CBC, TFT, Diabetes Screening, Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Lipid Profile, Vitamin B12, Vitamin R/M

57 Parameters (3000 - 2199)

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✔ CBC, TFT, Diabetese Screening, Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Lipid Profile, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Electrolytes, Thyroid Function Test, Urine R/M

60 Parameters (3500- 2399)

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✔ Women Wellness CBC With Peripheral Smear Review, Throid Funcion Test, Diabetes Screening, Iron Profile, Urine R/M

39 Parameters (1500 – 1199)

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✔ CBC, ESR, MP, Widal, Typhidot, SGOT, SGPT, Urine R/M


40 Parameters (1200 - 999)

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Testimonials and Reviews

See What Our Clients Say’s About Us

Nishit VinayNishit Vinay
17:11 29 Feb 24
Service is good but waiting time is long
vikas palvikas pal
02:14 20 Sep 23
It's better option for eye check up but their services was not satisfied because sometime they are providing coastly item , medicine also.
Bheemsen KewatBheemsen Kewat
16:18 21 Aug 23
Good facilities are provided
Aradhana ShrivasAradhana Shrivas
08:09 17 Aug 23
Good treatment 👌
yash yadavyash yadav
07:39 07 Jul 23
I highly recommend this place. Dr. is very accommodating and friendly. I've been going to this dental place regularly for my dental treatment and I'm really happy and satisfied.
Krishna RajwadeKrishna Rajwade
09:33 27 Feb 23
Good behaviour and treatmentMany experience doctors available...
02:47 11 Dec 22
Eye speciality hospital. Located in main road of manendragarh. Good hospital, doctors are good.Cleanliness Maintained. Overall good.Cons:- Take more time.Phone appointment not work. If you take appointment through phone the receptionist tell you appointment done. But when you visit hospital it not work. You have to wait more.
Piyush SahuPiyush Sahu
09:25 24 Jun 22
The doctors here are good and the service here is also good